Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works Review

242_2_Bath_And_Body_Works_Fragrance_Mist_-_Warm_Vanilla_Sugar_-_ReisegroesseWarm Vanilla Sugar by Bath & Body Works                                   88ml Mist for $12 NZD on TradeMe

Notes: Top notes are floral notes and vanilla; middle notes are coconut, vanilla and rice; base notes are sandalwood, musk, vanilla and heliotrope.

I was looking for a plastic-bottle travel perfume spray that I could carry around in my purse when I found Warm Vanilla Sugar. I think everyone should have at least one top-up spray on them if they need a freshen up, are sweaty or to cover up an environmental smell. Bath & Body Works isn’t stocked in New Zealand so a TradeMe seller had imported them.

On initial spray it’s very alcoholic and sweet. I can smell some sort of subtle floral accord and, later, heliotrope but it’s mostly a warm vanillaic and sugary coconut and rice mix. It’s rather unique and complex for a B&B mist due to the rice. It can smell a little strange – the coconut rice is what does it. It’s a cozy oriental gourmand for lazy days at home. It’s light, soft and musky. I only get some sandalwood well into the dry-down.

The notes kind of all blend together as is with cheap interpretations and I don’t find the vanilla true but it’s nice nonetheless. It has medium sillage for the first half hour before turning into a skin scent and lasts a couple of hours which is good for a mist. It has a slight plasticy aspect but, for what it is and the price, it’s a very good buy. The bottle is pretty. 6.5/10.


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