Vaniglia del Madagascar by Farmacia SS. Annunziata Review

vaniglia-del-madagascar-edpVaniglia del Madagascar                                    100ml EDP for $160 USD on LuckyScent

Notes: Lemon, floral notes, amber notes and Madagascar vanilla.

I was recommended this as a vanilla lover and was excited to try my sample but when I did I can barely smell it. I actually had to apply very heavily, almost pouring half the sample on my wrist, before I get something. I get an alcoholic lemon burst for a few seconds but after that only the tiniest trail of a creamy vanilla with some floral notes.

There’s this soft lemon-vanilla cream meringue aspect with a noticeable warm amber. This is very nice and the amber is particularly dominant. The lemon fades and some floral notes (heliotrope?) come through but it’s mostly vanilla-amber. It’s extraordinary light, subtle and airy.

After an hour I can barely smell anything at all. I get whispers of this coming back every now and then but it’s hardly there. I think I’d like this if it was MUCH stronger – it’s just so watered down to me. Maybe it’s my body chemistry or I got a bad sample because few others seem to be pointing this out. 5.5/10.



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