Jua by Trilogy Review

Jua by Trilogy                                                         7.5ml Oil for $25 NZD at a local pharmacy

Notes: Top notes are bergamot, rose and freesia; middle notes are apricot, olibanum and mint; base notes are cedar, vetiver and vanilla.

This is a New Zealand (yay!) natural perfume oil which is super awesome. Sunflower oil is the base of the fragrance so it does have whispers of Sunflower which adds to the vibe of this perfume. I get very little bergamot but a lot of rose and freesia which carry most of the fragrance.

A soft vanilliac apricot, slightly smoky olinanum and a touch of mint come into play to make Jua unique. It’s still mostly freesia to me with a bit of a grassy-hay vetiver and a touch of cedar to give it a woody aspect at it’s base. It does have a slight soapy scent at times. It’s warm, feels like a hug from a mother or rolling around in grass on a summers day. It reminds me of my childhood and has a kind of strange mature innocence to it.

It’s a bright, sunny, subtle and slightly-green Oriental Floral perfume. The sillage is soft to medium and it lasts about 2-3 hours on me. It’s a Spring scent and since Jua means ‘sun’ or ‘sunshine’ in Swahili it’s very accurate. It’s not exactly my kind of thing but I like it and some money from sales will go to charity. 5.5/10.



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