Alchemic Muse Perfume Sample Review


I bought a set of three (plus one free) 1ml perfume oil samples from AlchemicMuse on Etsy for $10 NZD. The full 5ml bottles are $15 NZD each.

Vanilla Oak: It opens as fresh and light with camphor and bergamot. A warm, woody and smoky vanilla backed by spices carries most of this perfume though. Like the rest of Alchemic Muse’s perfumes it smells natural however the notes aren’t as prominent – for example I don’t get much vanilla, it just feels well blended in. It’s a hazy perfume, presenting this ambery woody effect. It’s rather ethereal and of the fae world whilst being grounded and earthy at the same time. It might be weakest blend of the set and is a touch soapy. 6/10.

Krumkake: I had the most incredible experience with this perfume. I got this as a free sample but it’s not listed anywhere on the shop so I was excited to guess what notes this had. Straight from the bottle I recognized the scent from my childhood but it took me a moment to remember what it was. I remembered I used to make this ‘thing’ (I momentarily forgot the name) with sugar and golden syrup in a pot so I googled it and, lo and behold, it’s HOKEY POKEY of course!! It smells warm, extremely sugary and dripping in honey with hints caramel and toffee.

On my skin it’s a bit different with spices like cinnamon and as it dried down it strayed away from  hokey pokey so I googled what Krumkake was. It turns out it’s a Norwegian Waffle Cookie (YES THIS EXISTS) which makes complete sense. It’s 100% gourmand, rich and very sweet – probably a little bit too much for me but it’s incredibly fun. The cinnamon gets stronger as the perfume goes on and it’s somewhat off-putting as I don’t actually like cinnamon. It also reminds me of chai blends due to the cinnamon which, as I said, I don’t like. It’s not something I would wear but I like smelling it. This smells so real that I think someone is baking in the kitchen. Incredible sillage and longevity. 7.5/10.

Nightshade: The lavender (although an exquisitely fine Bulgarian lavender) is a little too full on for me – it dominated the perfume for the first half an hour but after that it fades. It becomes soft at this point with little sillage but then this GORGEOUS Madagascan Vanilla (I want a perfume based on this note) comes through. It has some gourmand and luxurious elements to it, a little bit of dark chocolate and it swings into dark ethereal realms. It reminds me a lot of Morpheus by Scent by the Sea which I own a bottle of so I’m not sure if I’d buy this but I’m tempted to. 7.5/10.

Amber Crush: The first couple of minutes of this is lovely with pure amber and a brief burst of incredible bourbon vanilla (I want, once again, a perfume made of this perfumers note) which disappears as quickly as it arrived before the patchouli enters. To be quite honest this should have been called Patchouli Crush because the patchouli dominates. The amber note, although definitely there, serves as a base for the patchouli. It’s slightly gourmand and sweet. 6.5/10.

I recommend this indie perfumer and want to buy more samples. They’re so well blended, smell as if you can taste them and are so realistic. Sillage and longevity are pretty good. If you like gourmand perfumes you simply must buy some samples.


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