About me

me2Rhiannon, 22 years old of New Zealand.

I’m a digital media artist mostly working in website development and graphic design but in my spare time I review perfumes. I also read a lot so the idea to make MPL (My Perfume Library) came to mind as I was combining two of my favourite things.

When I moved out of home a few years ago I began to buy diffusers and scented candles (mostly vanilla ones) in a kind of marking-my-territory way. I associated my home with my scent and I got upset if someone elses scent tried to overtake mine. I began to identify with fragrances on a personal level and could tell my friends apart from they way they smelled. It felt like my sense of smell had suddenly heightened and ‘leveled-up’ as such.

In early 2014 I began my perfume journey as I started to collect perfumes and order samples from all over the world. I joined Etsy and starting buying a lot of indie fragrances – which is great because they’re often organic and hand-made by lovely start ups! Then I joined LuckyScent (a brilliant place to buy niche hard-to-find perfumes) and started buying samples from there. I started participating in fragrance forums, got a Fragrantica account and started reviewing perfumes. I posted the perfume reviews to another blog of mine before I decided to make a dedicated blog for it here.

I originally was trying to find my signature fragrance but then found many I liked (very few I loved) so decided to just start collecting them as a hobby. Deciding what perfume to wear depends on your mood, weather, occasion etc so one single perfume simply won’t do. The sense of smell is incredibly powerful and evokes both vivid memories and strong emotions. This is part of the reason why I love reviewing perfume as it’s variable, expressive and emotional to put into words.

I hope this blog helps people with finding the right perfumes for them. I know I certainly intently read fragrance blog reviews when figuring out what perfumes I want for which I owe them much thanks. 🙂


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