My Favourite Perfume Notes

My Favourite Notes: Vanilla is my ultimate favourite note as it’s warm, cosy and yummy – especially in Oriental or Gourmand concoctions with complimentary notes. I also really like Sandalwood and soft (sometimes smokey) warm woods. I like Tonka Bean with it’s spicy, vanillac, almondy scent. In terms of Florals I’ve found I really like Rose and Frangipani (particularly the more fresh and wet ones). I like Coffee and Amber notes for their warmth and cosiness. I also like Musk, white, as a base as it compliments the above notes.

My Least Favourite Notes: I strongly dislike Jasmine – it’s too strong and sharply sweet for me. I know it’s a well liked/used note and it annoys me to no end because Vanilla and Jasmine are often paired together. I’m really sensitive to it and can pick it in a perfume almost instantly which is not fun. I’m not particularly fond of White Florals period. I also dislike Licorice, Anise and Star Anise because, well, I dislike Licorice. Strong and dark animalistic scents like Leather can sometimes put me off and chemical smelling perfumes are also a no go. I’m not a Citrus/Fruity person either so I tend to stay away from those notes which is hard because a lot of celebrity/popular brands feature them heavily, especially as top notes.


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